Resource manager


Enterprise Edition only

The Knowage Community Edition only allows the management of the models folder, in order to define metadata for data mining analysis. The Knowage Enterprise Edition allows the management of all the Knowage installation resources.

The Resource Manager functionality available under the TOOLS section of the Knowage main menu, allows the management of all files within the Resources folder of the Knowage installation.


Fig. 610 Resource Manager from menu.

By default, the system shows the files starting from the root directory:


Fig. 611 Resource Manager starting view.

Resource Manager functionalities

The Resource Manager window diplays two sections: on the left the tree structure representing the existing resource system; on the right the details of the selected folder.


Fig. 612 Resource Manager detail view.

Tree functionalities

The tree shows exactly the phisical structure of the file system from the resources folder. On the top bar are present two funcionalities: Refresh tree and Create new folder:


Fig. 613 Tree view.


Fig. 614 Creation detail.


Fig. 615 Creation result.

The new folder will be created under the selected folder of the tree ( in this case, ‘KNOWAGE-5058’).

By clicking on the Download icon of a specific folder, you can download all files contained:


Fig. 616 Download functionality icon.

Select a folder for the download and give a name to the zip file to be available in your local system.


Fig. 617 Download functionality.

By clicking on the Delete icon of a specific folder, the folder can be fisically removed from the Knowage server after confirming the operation. Please remember that the deletion of a folder is an irrecoverable operation.


Fig. 618 Delete functionality icon.


Fig. 619 Delete functionality confirmation.

Detail panel

When a folder is selected, the right panel shows the properties Name, Size and Last Modified Date of all contained files.


Fig. 620 Detail view.

All items are selectable for downloading or removal trough specific icons of the toolbar.


Fig. 621 Functionalities available for selected files

An Upload functionality is also available through a dedicated icon. See image below.


Fig. 622 Upload files


Fig. 623 Selection file popup

In case of a zipped file want to be uploaded, it is possible to keep the file zipped.


Fig. 624 Uploaded zipped file

It is also possible to unzip the file to upload by enabling the Extract Files option. See figure below.


Fig. 625 Uploading an unzipped file


Fig. 626 Results of uploading an unzipped file

Model Metadata Definition

As already told at the beginning, models is the unique folder managed by both the Community and the Enterprise Edition. It contains all the data-mining models usable by the Knowage Function Catalog.

For each model it is possible to define its metadata, download and/or delete the model using directly the tree options:


Fig. 627 Models folder options

Metadata management

The Metadata option opens a GUI where the user can define the metadata information for the model, into the specific see image below:


Fig. 628 Metadata example