Knowage CE Installer

Knowage CE installer is an application which steers the user to the installation and the first configuration of the product.

Knowage CE is a web application, meaning it runs centrally on a server, and users interact with it through web browsers from any computer on the same network. Knowage CE Installer lets you easily configure your server.

Server-side requirements

Operating system

Knowage CE Installer runs on Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems.

Java platform

Knowage CE Installer requires:

  • JDK 1.8

  • JAVA_HOME environment variable


Knowage CE requires 3GB of available RAM. This configuration is enough for most evaluation purposes.

Disk usage

Knowage CE requires 2GB of free space on file system. Optional embedded MariaDB Server 10.2 requires 4GB of free space on file system.


Knowage CE Installer requires one of the following external databases:

  • MySQL Server 5.7 already installed

  • MariaDB Server 10.2 already installed

A user with sufficient permissions to create schemas must be provided. Knowage CE Installer connects to database using a JDBC driver via TCP/IP connection.

If you are using MySQL Server 5.7 we suggest to set following configuration in file my.ini:

  • innodb_buffer_pool_size = 2G (adjust value here, 50%-70% of total RAM)

  • innodb_log_file_size = 500M

Knowage CE Installer includes also the option to use one of the following embedded databases:

  • MariaDB Server 10.2 for Windows 64 bit

Please note that embedded database option is not available for macOS.

Application server

Knowage CE Installer provides Apache Tomcat 7 out of the box. Don’t worry about pre-installing any application server.

Proxy settings

If proxy is enabled please add property http.nonProxyHosts to JVM properties after completing installation, modifying file <installation directory>\Knowage-Server-CE\bin\setenv.bat on Windows or <installation directory>/Knowage-Server-CE/bin/ on Linux/macOS.


Client-side requirements


Enable your browser to execute JavaScript.

Proxy settings

If proxy is enabled please add hostname to proxy’s ignore list.




The installer has to be run as administrator.


Extract the installer SH file typing the command in shell:



On macOS the default app used to open ZIP files may fail to extract the installer ZIP file.

Enable the execute permission on the file, typing the command in shell:

1chmod +x

Knowage CE installer can run in GUI or console mode.

  • GUI mode is available only if a desktop environment is available. Run installer in GUI mode typing the command in shell:

  • Console mode is always available and let complete installation using shell. Run installer in Console mode typing the command in shell:

    1./ -c

Managing Knowage CE

After completing installation, you can start/stop Knowage CE using desktop links, start menu entries or following shell commands.


  • Start Knowage CE using <installation directory>\Knowage-Server-CE\bin\startup.bat

  • Stop Knowage CE using <installation directory>\Knowage-Server-CE\bin\shutdown.bat

Windows (embedded MariaDB option)

  • Start Knowage CE using <installation directory>\Knowage-Server-CE\bin\knowage_startup.bat

  • Stop Knowage CE using <installation directory>\Knowage-Server-CE\bin\knowage_shutdown.bat


  • Start Knowage CE using <installation directory>/Knowage-Server-CE/bin/

  • Stop Knowage CE using <installation directory>/Knowage-Server-CE/bin/