Before starting

Documentation structure

Knowage documentation is composed by:

  • Installation Manual;
  • General User Manual;
  • General Administrator Manual;

The books focusing on products describe all the BI functionalities included in your installation. For example if you have purchased KnowageBD subscription, you will get the installation and the two general manuals plus a third one which focus on the BI functionalities provided by this product.


Each book is thought to be delivered to different users.

  • Installation Manual: it is aimed at technical users. It provides all the instructions needed to install and configure the Knowage suite. Here the essential steps to succeed with the standard installation on certified environments will be described, including the optional use of CAS as a SSO solution and the use of HTTPS protocol.
  • General User Manual: it is aimed at end users. It provides a first approach to Knowage interface and functionalities. It can be used as a first approach to Knowage. It focus on all those elements which are shared among the products and involves the end user.
  • General Administrator Manual: it is aimed at Knowage administrator. It describes all the management and configuration tools shared by all Knowage products.

About conventions

Some graphical conventions have been adopted to allow readers to easily identify special contents such as notes, summaries and essential information. All conventions are explained here after.


Read more

This icon refers to additional documentation, internal or external sources that may be useful for the reader.



This icon warns the reader about possible errors and issues using Knowage.



This icon provides best practices and suggestions.


Notable content

This icon highlights relevant content, to be drawn to the reader’s attention.

The following fonts have been adopted, to easily identify special words and expressions:

  • Menu, Menu items and static label refer to specific element of Knowage GUI;
  • Input field is a label referencing input fields in Knowage GUI;
  • Code example is a piece of code showing configuration patterns or parts of document template.